Dhamala Ko Hamala with Biswendra Paswan

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The Dalit face of Nepal’s Constituent Assembly says some of the key provisions for the 74.2% Bahujan community were dropped after Modi’s second visit.Vishwendra Paswan is the Dalit face of Nepal’s 601-member Constituent Assembly. Some of the key provisions for the 74.2% Bahujan community that he championed were dropped from the draft constitution. Strangely, this happened shortly after Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Kathmandu for the second time and stressed the need for consensus in constitution making. With few lending an ear to his concerns in his country, Paswan, who is also the chairman of the Bahujan Shakti Party and an avowed Ambedkarite, is now touring parts of north India, seeking the support of the Bahujan community there. He spoke to Anil Varghese during his stopover in New Delhi. Excerpts:A constitution that is the result of a lot of investment and sacrifice should be in the interests of the nation and its people. It should be in the interest of the Nepali common man, whether they are in the Himalayas or the foothills or the Terai. But the draft that has been tabled doesn’t seem to be of this kind. What is most worrying is that this constitution will again fail in a few days, months or years. This has raised the possibility of new rebellions being born.


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