Deepak Bajracharya’s New Song Wara Para – Official Music Video

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Posted by Dhruba Shrestha October 11, 2018 :
Deepak was brought up in a typical Newari family from Bhinchhe Bahal, a sub metropolitan area in the city of Lalitpur, and had a normal childhood. Being brought up in such a family, he didn’t know how to speak any other language than Newari and after he started his schooling his entire friends’ circle spoke Nepali and English which created a communication problem for him. Unlike the present friendly and charming Deepak, he was a shy kid in school and the type of student who always found comfort in the last bench, hiding away from the teachers. But later during his primary school, he joined martial arts and his confidence began to build up eventually. He had an interest in music right from his early childhood but being a shy kid he never had the opportunity to present his interest at school.He has been chosen as the brand ambassador of Bagpiper Whiskey, Kodak Film, Samsung Electronics, Worldlink Communication and Anna Lifan Motorcycle. Getting involved in the advertisement and media field has rather proven to be an encouragement for him, career wise. Being a brand ambassador has added a certain value to what Deepak Bajracharya is and he feels like he really does have a value in the Nepali market place when a certain company wants him to endorse their products. Alongside, he has been managing Royal Tone Academy to help artists develop and excel themselves in the music industry and he wishes to continue operating it. Only an artist can understand the struggles of another artist. And since this industry hasn’t developed as much, Deepak, along with a few other people, have initiated a campaign they call “Aabhav ko Prabhav” to help emerging artists survive in this industry. And after all these years of hard work, he’s now a music programmer, arranger and composer and a recording technician along with being one of Nepal’s super singer.
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