Black and White with Bandana Rana

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Posted by Anup Baral April 4th 2014 :
Bandana Rana the leading players of the women's movement in Nepal with more than two decade long active engagement in promoting women's rights and gender equality. She is currently the executive president of Saathi an NGO working on violence against women and children in Nepal.

She recently worked with the Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction as a lead consultant of the technical working group for developing the UNSCR 1325 & 1820 National Action Plan (NAP). Ms. Rana has conducted many studies, advocacy and research programs related to Gender Based Violence. During the conflict and post conflict situation of Nepal. When she visited Inclusive Security's offices in 2011 she sat down with our staff to talk about her work and how she thought others could apply Nepal's model of developing a National Action Plan for 1325. ( Source: Youtube)


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