Bishesh Sambadh – (Bhim A. Acharya)

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The program was organized with the initiatives of Mr. Mira Bandhu Paudel, Principal of LACM. Welcoming key note speaker Dr. Acharya and other distinguished persons, Mr. Paudel shaded light on the importance of program particularly to the students of BBA and BBIS who study Political Science as part of their fourth semester coursework.Key note speaker Dr. Acharya, who is one of the most influential constitutional scholars in Nepal shared his expertise on the overall constitution writing process in Nepal, its challenges, issues of federalism, and the best way to write constitution based on his understanding of constitutional practices around the world. According to him, we are yet another time doing great mistake by jumping into the same unsuccessful attempt of writing constitution through the Constitution Assembly. His solution was either to draft a constitution by forming expert’s committee or by a small political committee composed of major leaders of all political parties and approve it by a parliament. So, he preferred to hold a fresh parliamentary election rather than the election of Constitution Assembly. He also opined on the pressing issues of federalism in Nepal. Citing examples of ‘coming together’ and ‘holding together’ types of federal practices around the world, he asserted that the ‘holding together’ types of federalism are the most unsuccessful practices in the world. Nepal, already a unified state cannot afford such kind of ‘holding together’ federal practice according to Dr. Acharya.


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