Bhadragol, 30 October 2015

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Last week Bhadragol had dashain celebration. Pade solti was looking for goat. Belase had changed his mind to be a vegetarian he had a brilliant idea to get some meat for dashain and he was sharing his goat with Khupika Ba. Jigree and his friends were trying to make some money. This week Bhadragol has a story of wild animal.

CaptureBhadragol, 30 October 2015

There is a tiger inside Belase’s house. Pade was looking for Belase and found a tiger in belase’s house. Belase, Pade solti and Khupika Ba are looking for help from police. Police finally decided to intervene and cleared the house. Finally They found the tiger. Pade and Police were surprised to find the tiger in unexpected spot.
Part 1 Jigree has a plan to meet Rakshya. Sanglo and Bale solti come up with the plan to help Jigree. They are going to Jigree’s house with Dhane, Jigree’s old classmate. barista and his wife are also feeling sympathy with Dhane. This is a fun Episode. About Bhadragol Bhadragol is one of the most funny tv serial broadcasting in television now. All the characters look fantastic. Kumar kattel acting as Jigree who is also writer and assistant director of this episode with his partner Arjun Ghimire are the main Characters. Arjun plays as a old lazy and cheater. Kumar is a love hungry young teenager. The episode is directed by Shankar Acharya. It is produced by Subash Karki. Other main characters are Madhu Sudan Pathak, Sagar Lamsal, Subash Karki, Rakshya Shrestha and more.

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