An exclusive interview with Dr Sundar Mani Dixit

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Posted by Anup Baral | April 14, 2019 :
We have a strange political culture here. One is not considered a true patriot and pro-Nepal unless one is anti-India. This dangerous mischief has been at play since the days of King Mahendra. But this does not make us true nationalists. A true nationalist is the one who wants Nepal to prosper from the grassroots, who works to end the system whereby we receive about three dead bodies of Nepali migrant workers on a daily basis. A genuine nationalist is the one who ensures every Nepali can hold his/her head anywhere he goes, and he is not considered a national of a country completely dependent on foreign aid even for disposing off its garbage. But we have leaders in power who take all this normally and boast of being nationalists. We aim to bring the reality accessible for all and bring the people together for social, economical and political transformation. We are also committed to bring the news instantly when it crops out. We also evaluate and provide comprehensive reporting and commentary on the politics, business, culture, travel, fashion, sports and education of Nepal in an attractive and elegant manner. Our online site is a medium to unite the Nepalese people residing in every nook and corner of the world. Program: Aautari Kancha Presenter: Ujjwal Bhandari Guest: Sachin Rauniyar Video By: Prime Times Television Janata Janna Chahanchhan Playlist
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