A Palestinian child died in the Jewish attack.

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The 18-month-antique boy changed into killed within the night-time assault on two homes inside the village of Duma. His dad and mom and brother suffered critical injuries.
Slogans in Hebrew, consisting of the word “revenge”, have been determined sprayed on a wall of one of the firebombed houses.
Israel’s prime minister called the attack “reprehensible and terrible”.
“this is an act of terrorism in every admire. The country of Israel takes a sturdy line in opposition to terrorism regardless of the perpetrators,” Benjamin Netanyahu said in a tweet.

Mr Netanyahu telephoned Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas to sentence the assault, telling Mr Abbas Israel’s security forces had been ordered “to apply all means to discover the murderers”, his workplace said.

but the Palestine Liberation employer (PLO), which dominates the Palestinian Authority inside the West financial institution, said it held the Israeli authorities “absolutely liable for the brutal assassination” of the kid, Ali Saad Dawabsha.

“that is an immediate outcome of decades of impunity given by means of the Israeli government to settler terrorism,” it stated.

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